a Web App

Your web app is final and bug-free - ready to build an user base!

You will find here a list of directories and catalogs where you can submit your web app.

If your app do not run in the browser, please visit the App section.

Before you submit your web app

Where to submit your web app

You can submit HTML5 web apps to Amazon. Your app will have to be zipped into a package.
Submit your web app for review via email.
Review business oriented web apps, an Alexa rank of 150,000 or better is required - more than their own rank.

What next?

It may take from a week to 3 months before your submissions are effective.

Once your web app is tested and submitted, it is time to write and submit a press release.

When done, you can continue to promote your web app by submitting individual web pages describing features.

A blog is reputed to be helpful to promote a web app. You can create a wordpress blog to talk about your web app on a regular basis.