a RSS Feed

A RSS feed allows you to push your posts to subscribers and content aggregators.

Where is my RSS feed?

Before you submit your feed

Where to submit your RSS Feed

In general, the value of the RSS feed is to allow your visitors to subscribe to your feed. Most RSS directories are closed today - we tested the links one by one. The list below is accurate and should help you to get more exposure. Only free submission with no link back are listed.
Feedly can bring exposure to your content. To publish your feed, create an account, enter your feed URL into the search engine, then follow it.
You can request the addition of your RSS feed.
You can submit after creating an account. Your RSS feed needs to be related to a blog.
You can submit the URL of your RSS feed after registration.
Add your RSS feed for instant listing. As soon as you added it, you can see it in the home page. When you click on your feed title, you will only see your oldest post - at least for feed generated by WordPress.
RSS Network
You can submit your feed in a category and a subcategory.

RSS Feed and social networks

You can use your RSS feed to automate the submission to social networks. However, it is not a recommended practice as publishing posts on social networks requires manual adjustments to be efficients. Submit your posts manually for better results.