an App

Your app is approved on the official stores, and is waiting for users to download it.

This section contains information and links to help you to submit your app and increase your user base.

If your app run in a web browser, please go to the Web App section.

Before you submit your app

Where to submit your app

ALEXA Global Rank. Lowest is better
You can submit your Android, FireOS, Windows and Mac app to the Amazon Appstore.
You can submit your app on ProductHunt, but you will have to invest time on the platform before getting exposure.
Submit your Android or iOS app.

What next?

It will take from a week to 3 months before your submissions are effective.

Once your app is tested, published and submitted to various places, it would be efficient to submit a press release.

You can also promote your app by submitting web pages presenting your app's features.

A blog is efficient to promote an app as it is an opportunity to explain its value proposition. You can create a blog to talk about your app on a regular basis.