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The global rank of a website, provided by Alexa (an Amazon company) is a key indicator to help you to focus your effort. The lowest the global rank is, the more influential is the website.

This is a live information we update on a daily basis.

Website Submission

Submit a website

Links, tips and tools to submit your website or your domain to web directories, catalogs and search engines.
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Submit a page, a web link or URL from your site

Links, tips and tools to submit a page or an URL to web directories and catalogs.
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Blogs Submission

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Links, tips and tools to submit your blog or your domain pointing to a blog to web directories, catalogs and search engines.
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Submit a post

Submitting a blog is a good first step, but manual submission of single posts is a good strategy to increase your exposure.

You will find here links, tips and tools to help you submit your posts.
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Submit your blog's RSS or atom feed

RSS feeds contains all or part of the content of your blog. If you are using worldpress, the RSS feed is enabled by default and will contains the full content of your blog posts.

Publishing all your content may not be a good idea, but publishing the first part of your content can bring visitors and increase the ranking of your posts. You will find resources around the web to setup your RSS feed to best match your needs.

When ready, you will find tools, tips and links to submit single posts of your blog.
Where to submit an RSS feed

Press releases Submission

Submit a press release

Press releases are a good way to publicize your stuff. You can use a press release to announce a new website or blog, but you can also use a PR to publicize a specific page or a post from your blog.
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